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Babymoon in Austin

April 21st, 2010 — 8:05pm

This past weekend Andrew and I went on our “babymoon.” Basically one last trip with just each other before Abby arrives. Our babymoon can be summed up as follows: eat, relax, eat, laugh, eat….repeat as needed! It was perfect!

Friday night we went and ate at a place called Shady Grove. I had gone there a couple of weekends ago with my girlfriends and knew that Andrew would love it! Andrew got a big ol’ hot dog and I got a hamburger covered in chili….which looks absolutely nasty in the picture, but it tasted so good!

Shady Grove

chili and cheese hamburger

hot dog...someone couldn't wait to take the picture!

After dinner we headed over to Mozart’s…a local coffee shop that we always end up going to when we are in Austin. It has a fun vibe and good coffee.

Saturday we slept in, then headed over to The Domain…an outside shopping area. It was so nice! I loved looking in all the nice shops and watching all the people. There were some interesting ones to say the least!

at The Domain

I decided I’m tired of just having face shots, so we asked a nice man to take our picture:

The Domain

After the domain we ate some lunch and got ice cream at Amy’s. Yummo. Then we started the world’s longest search for a putt-putt place. The one place that Andrew found before hand only had about 7 spots to park in, which were all full, so we decided to let the GPS do it’s thing and find another one for us. So….seven hours, one ghetto putt-putt place later we found a good one! I’d say it was worth all the effort! I won’t be including who won the game…but I think you can guess!

Saturday night we went to a place called Moonshine for dinner. My best friend Alicia recommended it and we both thank her! It was delicious! We got there around 8 and found out that the wait was about one and a half  to two hours. We weren’t sure at first if we wanted to wait that long, but decided it would be fun. Let me tell you….it was totally worth it! That was some of the best food I have ever eaten….and the dessert? Don’t even get me started on the dessert. I could eat that for the rest of my life.

waiting at Moonshine

We didn’t get any pictures of the food because we were too busy stuffing our faces.

Sunday we sadly checked out of the hotel and headed over to Cracker Barrel for breakfast before we drove back to Houston.

Coffee for Andrew...

this just makes me laugh

As you can tell, we like a little coffee with our Splenda and cream.

I’d say it was a great babymoon. Too bad we can’t do it again next weekend!

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All about Abby

April 14th, 2010 — 8:07pm

Let’s just face it…this sweet girl is already consuming many of my thoughts…and a lot of my belly! Why not let her have her own post?

She already has some adorable outfits to wear…I can’t wait to see them all on her. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Janie and Jack dress from Mimi

Baby Gap dress from Mimi

adorable romper from Nana

play outfit from Carter's

I mean really, how could you not fall in love with these little outfits???

We have also registered for all our showers, which was fun and incredibly stressful all at the same time. We have picked out and purchased her bedding, her crib and dresser/changing table combo came in today. (Thanks David for helping pick those up!!!) I can’t wait to see her nursery all put together. I have big plans for that room!

Abby's bedding

another view

the quilt

Her crib and dresser are white and I can’t wait to see it all put together!

Abby continues to grow…as shown in my growing belly size. She kicks and moves around all the time. She also lets me know when I am sleeping in a position that she does not like. Andrew has been able to feel her several times, which was thrilling for both of us. We only have about 13 more weeks to go…I can’t believe it has gone by so quickly. I can’t wait to meet our little girl.

24 weeks

25 weeks

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Catching Up

April 14th, 2010 — 7:32pm

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted. I have been avoiding posting because I knew there would be so much to say and catch up on. Last night in all my genius I decided that I could just do a post of pictures to catch up. So….here goes!

Girls Weekend….a fabulous time spent in Austin with my very best friends!

On our way to Austin!

Pedi time

hanging out

Bec and Kathy

dinner at Shady Grove

Laura and Kathy

Easter Weekend is up next….Andrew and I went to church on Saturday night followed by a delicious dinner at Pappadeaux Restaurant.  Sunday we slept in and then worked on our Easter lunch. This included ham, homemade macaroni and cheese, salad and homemade bread. What a fun weekend!

at Pappadeaux

Easter lunch

The next big event has been Andrew’s birthday week. It has been a lot of fun to plan and surprise him with different gifts through the week. Most of the gifts have revolved around food….let’s just face it, the boy is easy to please! Here are some pictures from the week.

Andrew REALLY excited to eat at Rudy's

Going to Rudy's...his first birthday gift

on his birthday....presents!

at Taco Bueno...another gift!

He has also gotten a “fancy pants” meal on his actual birthday, Ben Fold’s concert tickets, a biography about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and finally a birthday meal at Roadhouse.

Whew! Finally caught up! Coming up will be a post all about Abby and about our “babymoon!”

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