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ketchup and mustard…

September 1st, 2011 — 12:40pm

The teacher I student taught for always said Fridays were her days for “ketchup and mustard.” I think it took me about 3 weeks to understand what she meant by that. Ha.

I must be honest, I’ve gotten so behind on blogging life’s events that I have become completely unmotivated to blog at all. It’s like I don’t even know where to start. We’ve gone on trips, celebrated a certain  Little Missy’s first birthday, scorched in the heat, checked things off our to-do lists, started getting things ready for Emmaline’s arrival, attended play dates and on it goes!

Abby’s birthday was a blast! I had so much fun making it special for her. I learned on YouTube how to make paper flowers and they turned out just like I had imagined. I made her a fun birthday banner (which will be used for many birthdays to come!), and lots of yummy snacks for our guests. The whole day I just couldn’t believe that our baby girl was one. I kept thinking back to that day one year ago, and how absolutely clueless Andrew and I were. Needless to say, we’ve learned a lot since then. We were so thankful to the family and friends who came out and helped us celebrate this special occasion. And of course we missed those who could not  be there.

In between her birthday and now we have been busy with life. It seems like there are so many things we want to complete before Emmy comes…sometimes I get a little bit overwhelmed thinking about it all. Of course, my wonderful husband always brings me back to reality! Most days Abby and I run a couple of errands during the morning and then stick around the house for the remainder of the day. For two main reasons: It is BLOODY hot and Abby’s nap is in the afternoon. Oh, did I mention it’s HOT? AND I’m 8 months pregnant? Pretty sure I’m ready for this heat to end, or this sweet little girl to make her exit. I told Andrew that the temperature will drop the day after I have Emmy…that is just my luck. Ha.

Abby has been busy walking (most days trying to run), and really just exploring the world around her. Which really, that is just a nice way to say that she is getting into EVERYTHING! She definitely keeps me busy and on my toes, but I wouldn’t want it either way. She is doing really well drinking whole milk from her sippy cup and mostly at the table. That was quite a challenge to get her to drink it at the table. The little girl wanted to be held, but really, could you blame her? She is also getting more adventurous with the foods that she eats. Here are some things that she LOVES:

1. donuts


3. pancakes

4. bananas

5. yogurt

6. grilled cheese

7. hot dogs

8. pizza

9. chicken nuggets

10. spaghetti

11. chili

12. broccoli

13. pudding

14. ice cream

15. nilla wafers

Well gosh, I now feel like a horrible mother…donuts, pizza, hot dogs. I promise she doesn’t get those everyday! She is definitely more interested in the foods that we are eating, so that is helping expand her horizons.

Ok…now I feel like I have mumbled on for long enough. You should be all caught up now. 🙂 I’m going to try and not get so behind this time. Wish me luck!

ready to party!

cupcake time!

with Gram and PapaK

celebrating 3 years!

cutie pie!

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