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There are three ways to regulate glue flow

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There are some methods to control glue flow, such as spray dispensing valve, which can control glue flow according to air pressure, fine-tuning button and dispensing time. These methods are commonly used in many industries. For example, spray dispensing machine uses these methods to complete the chain coloring.
One of the Adjustment Methods of Glue Flow
点胶阀 Air pressure is the most common thing in dispensing, and air pressure can be controlled by pressure regulating valve. As long as we use air pressure to reduce the compliance range of spraying equipment according to the demand of dispensing industry, then spraying dispensing machine can control the amount of glue. Although the glue is basically fluidity, but there is no power will not flow according to our requirements, need to give a push, and the gas seal density is lower than glue, easy to recommend, and will not affect the quality of glue.
Glue Flow Regulation Method II
复动点胶阀 Fine-tuning button is the only thing that spray dispensing valve has in spraying equipment. It can adjust the amount of dispensing glue, so as to achieve the effect of controlling glue and ensure that spraying glue machine can meet the production requirements. At present, many spraying equipment will use fine-tuning button to adjust glue flow. For example, spraying is one of the dispensing machines, which is also the most useful method, and will not guide glue flow. The lower the air pressure will not lead to rubber breakage.
The third method of adjusting glue flow
双液点胶阀 The dispensing time is also one of the ways to adjust the glue flow. For example, the spray dispensing machine can speed up or slow down the original dispensing time according to the set dispensing time. This is related to the demand of the chain coloring. For example, the spray dispensing machine has a large glue flow in the chain coloring, so it can speed up the dispensing speed and the moving speed of the model axis by adjusting the glue flow time. It will speed up and the amount of glue in situ will definitely decrease.
The glue flow regulation of spraying equipment can be accomplished quickly by using these three methods, and there is no need to re-adjust the parameters of spraying dispensing machine, which can reduce the waste of time. These three methods can really solve the glue flow regulation. If you want to know more about other methods, you can call the hotline 139 2840 3389.