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How to maintain the automatic dispensing machine

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Most of the factories in the docking part of the package is the preferred equipment is generally used automatic dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine in production line is very much, can help consumers to perform dispensing a variety of different needs, not only to ensure the high quality and dispensing items docking effect is very good, of automatic dispensing machine maintenance work can make the best the working state, the following small suggestions to teach you how to correct maintenance.
Double head automatic dispensing machine
The cleaning work for dispensing pipe, the feed automatic dispensing machine inside the mouth closed, then open the discharge opening out of the remaining residue, then add the detergent wash, general cleaning agent irritant to the internal work dispensing equipment have a certain impact, the best choice of cleaning agent low corrosion resistance the. After cleaning, the waste liquid is poured out, and then cleaned with water.
Single station full automatic dispensing machine
To ensure the long-term function of automatic dispensing work to do daily maintenance work, cleaning work after all high cost less, and daily maintenance can serve to strengthen the effect here requires the operator to pay attention to place more, if the working plane automatic dispensing machine the dust or foreign matter can be easily removed to wipe, automatic dispensing machine is not working the state will disconnect the power supply, reduce the working cycle of dispensing machine, but also help manufacturers save electricity.
Cleaner for dispensing machine
Perform automatic dispensing work, ensure the lubrication performance of the dispenser to play a very good effect, add a little oil dispensing work more smoothly executed in the dispensing arm and movable guide rail, the lubricant selection need to be targeted relatively strong, such as lubricating oil dispensing machine specially used to.