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Automatic glue production line, we can help you build

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Automated production line of glue coating is the hot line produced by manufacturers at present, and is the necessary device to build automatic production. At present, there are enough technologies to produce the automatic production line combined with glue coating technology, which can be produced. In many industries, our mid-system has production technology, which is directly related to our manufacturing technology of dispensing machine. Let Xiaobian tell you about it.
Two Requirements
流水线点胶机 The dispensing production line is not a simple matter. First, the technology of dispensing machine, secondly, the coordination of dispensing accessories, whether it can meet the core demand of dispensing production, we have corresponding technology with these two points. First, we can produce non-punctuating dispensing machine, which is the foundation of laying the automatic production line, and then we can carry out products according to the dispensing control interval. Take and put.
Medical equipment dispensing in non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machine, or gantry five-axis sealing strip dispensing machine bonding in plastic steel doors and windows, can make its automatic production line, that is, automatic production. Although the larger the product is, the more difficult it is to achieve, but you have money, we can help you out, and have done these types of automatic production lines.
Neutral Manufacturers Have the Strength of Manufacturing Lines
Dongguan Medium-sized Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. can not only make non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machine and gantry five-axis seals click, but also produce good domestic piezoelectric dispensing valves. Although the service life of piezoelectric dispensing valves will be shorter than that of imported ones, it can still meet the needs of some precision dispensing industries, such as dispensing in medical equipment, which can meet the needs. Oh!
自动化产线 Do we also need a lot of manpower and material resources to make an automatic production line? The price is relatively expensive. In fact, the price of single non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machine and gantry five-axis sealing strip dispensing machine is quite high. The whole automatic production line is still expensive with equipment.
Single purchase of dispensing equipment
压电式点胶阀 Of course, you don't need to use automated production line, just use non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machine and gantry five-axis sealing strip dispensing machine. Or piezoelectric dispensing valves, used to meet the bonding of plastic steel doors and windows, we can also help you produce, our service purpose is to serve customers, to meet customer needs, our telephone service hotline is: 13928403389.