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What is the premise of satisfying the conditions of glue pro

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For example, the ratio of phosphor to glue is 1:1, and adjusted to 2:1, which will deviate the properties of glue, but will have a negative impact on the dispensing effect, resulting in the dispensing effect.
The proportion of glue that can be made in China at present
混合点胶阀 At present, there are two types of glue on the market, one component glue and two components glue. One component glue is the easiest to solve, with high consistency, using high viscosity dispensing valve and low concentration, 2121 dispensing valve can be used, while two components are not needed. At present, the proportion control of two components glue in China has not been fully formed, which can be 4:1 mixing. If it is higher, it needs to be made. Because of the dispensing configuration abroad, the technology of two-component glue mixing needs to be improved.
Mixed proportions should not go wrong
Fluorescent powder dispensing will also be used to mix the glue proportion. Generally, the mixing ratio is 1:1. When choosing the double liquid dispensing valve, we should also prefer the dispensing valve of 1:1 mixing proportion to meet the production needs. If it is 3:1 or 4:1, we need to use the glue supply system to achieve the mixing accuracy and ensure that the glue quality is in line with the needs of industry production.
Alternative glue mixing methods
In fact, there is also a kind of glue proportion mixing, which is to mix glue in advance, put two kinds of glue into a click pressure bucket at the same time, after uniform stirring, you can use a high viscosity dispensing valve for dispensing, so that the dispensing effect will be guaranteed, the limitations of using this method are more, for example: glue can not be too fast solidification.
After so many explanations, we can understand that the premise of glue mixing proportion is that it can not change the properties of glue, but also meet the product dispensing effect. In the use of dispensing machine, it also needs to meet the same requirements. For example, in the phosphor dispensing machine, the quality and production speed can not be affected because of the problems of dispensing machine.