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Selection of special hot melt dispenser for hot melt glue co

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Hot melt glue is different from general glue, mainly in terms of characteristics. General glue can be dispensed directly, while hot melt glue needs heating before coating, so hot melt glue needs special hot melt dispensing valve instead of conventional glue dispensing valve. Which automatic dispensing machine can meet the packaging requirements of tablet computer chassis?
Why to use hot melt dispensing valve
热熔胶点胶机 Adding hot melt dispensing valve to the original automatic dispensing machine requires more accessories and heating system, so the price of hot melt dispensing machine will be more expensive than that of conventional automatic dispensing machine. However, this hot melt dispensing machine is more suitable for the packaging of tablet computer chassis, and has good effect in coating hot melt adhesive and production speed. Quick, is the manufacturer's choice to buy machines.
Differentiation between filling valve and hot melt dispensing valve
Mainly introduce the difference between the filling valve and the hot melt dispensing valve. The filling valve is a kind of ordinary rubber valve. It can use conventional glue, such as epoxy, silica gel, UV glue, grease, ink, white glue and latex white glue. The concentration of these glue will be different, but there are few requirements for its use. As long as it is put into the filling valve, it can use the whole glue. Automatic dispensing machine dispensing, and hot melt dispensing valve, can be heated, can coat hot melt glue and red glue, need a more special heating method, two dispensing valves are fundamentally different, but we have two dispensing valves, if you need to contact us!
Whether it meets the needs of production or not
Hot melt dispensing valves use more cost than filling valves, so using the same automatic dispensing machine as the basis of the machine, the price will be more expensive than the general machine, but in the industry, only the machine that meets the production is valuable, such as tablet computer chassis packaging using hot melt dispensing machine is better than using ordinary automatic dispensing machine!
全自动热熔胶点胶机 If you have the need for a fully automatic dispenser coated with hot melt glue, you can call our telephone service hotline: 0769-88004095.