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Can ring dispensing technology fulfill the demand of sound b

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Circular dispensing technology can also be called circular dispensing technology or circular arc dispensing technology. This is the dispensing function that can be realized by automatic dispensing machine. Will the application of voice box dispensing achieve the desired effect? What dispensing technology can meet the production demand of the speaker industry? Let small knitting take you into the world of glue machine.
Dispensing technology of three-dimensional technology setting
全自动涂胶机 Full-automatic glue dispensing machine is a mature dispensing equipment produced in China. It is more conducive to the application of dispensing products by using three-axis design method. Why can the circular dispensing technology be realized? There are many relations with the three-axis dispensing technology. Many scientists have shown that our world exists in three-dimensional and four-dimensional space, and the three-axis is designed in three-dimensional way, and the three-axis is in the same direction. The technology of circular dispensing can be realized by the movement of the time bar, so it can be applied to the sealing of the outer ring of the loudspeaker and the dispensing of the speaker.
Sealing effect of loudspeaker outer ring
Horn outer ring sealant is not only for the control of rubber quantity, but also for the effect of glue coating. If it is well controlled, it will directly affect the sound quality of the horn and determine the product quality. Therefore, when using automatic glue coating machine, we should use some good glue dispensing equipment as glue control device, such as the dispensing controller with digital display, and 3131 glue dispensing valve, which can make the dispensing effect. More in line with the product dispensing requirements.
扬声器点胶 The dispensing effect can be set according to the dispensing requirements.
Voice box dispensing has high demand for dispensing, but also low demand for dispensing, can only be based on the dispensing requirements of the configuration of corresponding dispensing accessories, so that a dispensing machine can complete a variety of dispensing requirements, and our full-automatic dispensing machine can not only use ring dispensing technology, but also use fixed-point dispensing technology and linear dispensing technology.
The circular dispensing technology can meet the needs of the outer ring sealing of speakers and the dispensing of speakers. If you have some dispensing needs, or can not choose the dispensing machine that meets your requirements, you can contact us directly. We can customize the automatic glue coating machine that meets your production requirements. Our telephone service hotline is 13928403389.