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Several methods of dispensing accuracy control will be suita

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This is the several methods of guaranteeing the dispensing accuracy control and the practical operation methods that Xiaobian wants to talk about, so that you can understand the methods and techniques of controlling the dispensing quantity more clearly.
Three Kinds of Controllable Dispensing Precision Accessories
www.668866.com The automatic dispensing machine is equipped with 212 dispensing valves, pneumatic devices, controllers and so on. These accessories are directly related to the accuracy control. Although the most direct dispensing accuracy control is to use the appropriate dispensing needle, there is also an indirect relationship with the accessories. Let me tell you how to choose the needle first. If your dispensing requirement is 3 mm, use the needle with 1 mm outer diameter, that's all. To meet the production needs, according to our practical experience, the actual requirements except 3, just equal to the number of needle diameters to be used.
Dispensing valve mixing method
全www.668866.com And 2121 dispensing valve, which has the function of adjusting glue volume, inaccurate needle volume in use, fine-tuning function of dispensing valve, adjusting, can reduce and improve glue volume, ensure dispensing accuracy control system, which is one of the main advantages of automatic dispensing machine, can naturally adjust glue volume, ensure accuracy requirements.
2121点胶阀 In addition to the 2121 dispensing valve, it is the pneumatic device and controller of the automatic dispensing machine. The pneumatic device mainly controls the air pressure, while the glue volume is controlled by the air pressure. Therefore, if we grasp the air pressure well, we can also improve the dispensing accuracy control. Then it is the controller. The general controller will have the effect of backsuction, which can ensure that the glue does not leak and drip. This is what we are doing. Tell you the way.