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Choosing dispensing automation production can bring you bene

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Automation is no longer a conceptual thing. Now manual sorting and express delivery can save more than 100,000 people. Machines can work for 24 hours. The same is true for dispensing industry. Choosing dispensing automation production mode can bring not only manual reduction, but also production cost reduction to manufacturers. It is also a way to improve dispensing production efficiency.
Replacing manual dispensing
双工位点胶机 At present, many manufacturers are using dispensing machine as production machine instead of manual dispensing method. Although dispensing automation production line is not very mature at present, it can meet the basic dispensing requirements, can completely replace manual dispensing task, and can achieve dispensing accuracy and speed that manual can not achieve, such as: using four-position dispensing machine and manual dispensing speed. The circular dispensing valve is used to dispense glue on the keys of the remote controller. The machine can control the dispensing accuracy without causing glue flow out of the keys.
Lifting Point Glue Quality and Speed
It is only the simplest dispensing method to use four-position dispensing machine to produce glue. There are more excellent dispensing methods. Similar to visual dispensing machine and online dispensing machine, visual dispensing machine can meet the requirements of super-high precision dispensing and rapid production. Visual dispensing machine can meet the requirements of aerospace, medical treatment and chip dispensing. Online dispensing machine can meet the requirements of assembly line dispensing and speed up the pipeline operation. American manufacturers use on-line dispensing machine to produce electrical appliances, the daily production base is huge.
www.668866.com Bringing about the transformation of substantive interests
Selecting dispensing automation is not only a change, but also a quickening of production rhythm and winning the market. An ordinary four-position dispensing machine uses a circular dispensing valve to dispense glue on the keys of the remote controller, which is four times the speed of dispensing with two mature production techniques, equal to the total amount of two days in one morning of machine production, and the quality of machine production will be higher than that of manual production. By comparison, it would be more cost-effective to choose dispensing automation.
If you need to use dispensing automation equipment, or basic four-position dispensing machine and circular dispensing valve, you can find a manufacturer of medium-sized dispensing machine. We can produce corresponding dispensing equipment for you, similar to remote control button dispensing equipment, and also be able to produce, choose dispensing automation equipment, choose the manufacturer of medium-sized automation equipment, our telephone service hot. Line: 139-2840-3398.