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The main reason for choosing stainless steel pressure barrel

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Stainless steel pressure drum has always been a popular accessory in dispensing industry, many types of pressure drum will be used as storage glue allocation. In addition to the automatic dispensing machine using dispensing syringe, the use of dispensing valves basically need to use stainless steel pressure drum as storage glue accessory, because dispensing valves can not store glue.
Selection of pressure barrel for dispensing
不锈钢压力桶 Pressure barrel selection is actually relatively simple, but the main reason for choosing stainless steel pressure barrel is that the amount of glue stored becomes very clear. The reason for choosing is to store glue. According to the requirement of glue used in the industry, the stainless steel pressure barrel that meets the production requirements can be selected. The glue amount used every day can be estimated, and then according to the data selector. The dispensing pressure barrel meets the requirements.
Can increase the speed of dispensing
Choose the pressure drum that meets the demand, the automatic glue applicator can use the precise dispensing valve to carry out daily production, and need to add glue in the middle of the day, which is very helpful for dispensing, dispensing speed will also be greatly improved, faster than manual production, this is the advantage and advantage of using stainless steel pressure drum, will not need to add glue every time, which reduces. Necessary things in the production of factories.
搅拌压力桶+ Demonstration of dispensing case
It has been proved that the selection of stainless steel pressure barrel is very helpful for automatic glue coating machine or precise dispensing valve. It can meet the needs of many industries. Moreover, the pressure barrel will not be corroded by glue and can be used for a very long time. The service life of a pressure barrel lies in three to five years and more machines are used, so we can meet the requirements of dispensing more. Not suitable for use of products, we will not recommend, pressure bucket selection is the best proof, is helpful for dispensing, we will recommend.
If you need our automatic glue coating machine or precise dispensing valve, and you do not choose stainless steel pressure barrel, we can recommend which machine and accessories to use for your production needs, you can contact us directly by telephone.