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A Brief Talk on Painting Equipment and Performance for Spray

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The automatic painting equipment for auto stamping parts is a fully automatic production mode for the products to achieve automatic production mode. It can refine the spray and cover all the products on the product. It is in all respects, that is, it can achieve a very good coating effect as well as oil, which is why the jet dispensing machine is chosen.
汽车冲压件喷漆与点胶 Dispensing and spraying paint for various automotive industries
The automotive industry is not the first application industry of our medium-sized high-speed dispensing machine manufacturer. It is similar to automotive ring spraying, automotive parts dispensing, automotive parts dispensing, automotive label painting and so on. Many parts can be produced by spray dispensing machine, and automotive stamping parts spraying is just one of them. From these industries, we can know the strength of our manufacturer. It can be used for dispensing or spraying in the automotive industry.
大型喷射式点胶机 Imported dispensing valve has better effect
In the aspect of spray painting, we use imported dispensing valves in particular. Although we can use spray dispensing valves, the effect of spray painting is slightly worse. If we want to achieve high standards, we need to use excellent dispensing accessories. Spray painting of automobile stamping parts can use this equipment, because it can quickly complete the effect of spray painting, so there is a root to match spray dispensing opportunities. And the effect oh!
Recommended Use of Large Jet Point Machine
Our high-speed dispensing machine can be divided into two types, one is large-scale dispensing machine and the other is desktop dispensing machine. However, we recommend that you use large-scale spraying dispensing machine, which is in line with the pipeline production mode and is easier to meet the effect of spraying paint. The performance of imported dispensing valve can be fully developed. The fastest spraying speed of automobile stamping parts can reach 1000mm/s, basically one second, and complete one. One product dispensing, which is the advantage of using automation equipment.