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Non-uniformity of dispensing is directly related to the appl

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There is a following relationship between dispensing unevenness and equipment control. At present, there are tens of millions of industries that need dispensing technology. Some of them will use different dispensing technology. What is the relationship between dispensing unevenness and dispensing unevenness? The reason is that these uneven dispensing problems will occur only when the machines are not suitable for production. To deal with the dispensing effect, we should select the suitable equipment for production.
Choose an automated approach
Selection of dispensing automation needs to select a manufacturer with appropriate dispensing technology, such as the dispensing machine used in remote control key dispensing, which can not be dispensing with plunger dispensing valve. Need to use dispensing syringe to complete this dispensing requirement, and the use of plunger dispensing valve will cause dispensing uneven problem, which is in the choice of dispensing machine lapping. Problems with accessories.
Mistakes prone to dispensing
But now the mature technology, generally not anti-low-level errors, or pay attention to the dispensing method, causing dispensing uneven and other problems, such as dispensing machine for remote control button dispensing, dispensing specifications will be different, resulting in dispensing problems, remote control button is an irregular product, each button will have some differences, so let's talk about the design of dispensing. The path design method of the constant control system should be used in the route design, and the preparation of the glue release and receipt in advance should be made to ensure that the time of the glue release is not too long or too short, which will cause the point gum quality error, and is not conducive to the production of products.
Causes of uneven dispensing
There is a direct relationship between dispensing unevenness and dispensing automation. There are many similar dispensing machines, which can meet the demand of dispensing industry. This is the progress of dispensing technology. For example, before dispensing by remote control keys, manual dispensing was still used, but now dispensing machine can be used to complete dispensing task. This is a progress. The problem of dispensing unevenness has become easy to solve. The technology is also mature, as long as attention is paid to the dispensing operation, there will be no dispensing uneven problem.
Use the desired dispensing method
In the use of plunger dispensing valve or glue dispensing machine, it is necessary to use the correct method and parts to complete the dispensing requirements. If you are not familiar with the selection of dispensing automation, you can find the corresponding manufacturers of glue dispensing machine. In this way, in the industrial production, there will be no dispensing uneven or other problems, which is conducive to product production.
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