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Automatic dispensing machine dispensing scheme for LCD LCD s

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The dispensing plan is the dispensing path design and program design specially made by our factory for a certain industry, and our manufacturer of automatic dispensing machine will also do LCD dispensing method for a certain company, using the gantry landing glue dispensing machine as the dispensing platform and the assembly line to complete the dispensing task of LCD screen.
Why Choose Longmen Dispenser
视觉www.668866.com To achieve the dispensing task for a certain industry, the first thing we need to do is to meet the dispensing requirements for glue and industry, so that we can design an automatic dispensing machine according to these conditions. Why do we use a gantry dispensing machine for dispensing similar to LCD dispensing? First, this automatic dispensing machine can meet the requirements of Online production. Second, it meets the requirements of various LCD dispensing screens. Thirdly, RTV condensation silicone rubber, which meets the requirements of LCD dispensing screen, is adopted. All these conditions are met by using gantry landing glue machine.
Glue type characteristics and dispensing valve introduction
RTV condensation type silicone rubber is a kind of comprehensive silica gel. Because the glue viscosity is relatively thick, the general type of dispensing valve is not suitable for use. The automatic dispensing valve produced by us mainly uses this type of glue for dispensing, which is more in line with the requirements of dispensing. The principle of the dispensing valve is relatively simple. It is controlled by the controller of the gantry type dispensing machine, and the others do not need it. Understand. When using RTV condensation silicone rubber, it is necessary to know whether this dispensing valve meets the use requirements, otherwise no matter how good the automatic dispensing machine can not meet the dispensing requirements.
Advantages of using gantry dispenser
There is another advantage of using gantry dispensing machine for LCD LCD screen dispensing. Generally, automatic dispensing machine only uses an automatic dispensing valve for dispensing. In order to improve the dispensing speed of LCD screen, eight automatic dispensing valves are used for dispensing at the same time. Moreover, this automatic dispensing machine no longer uses constant dispensing system, but uses a simple PLC operating system combined with computer display. Display screen, finish dispensing control.
LED LCD dispensing solution is equipped with the details of these production steps, such as RTV condensation silicone rubber, automatic spraying valve and gantry dispensing machine use methods have a detailed operation process, if you are interested in this aspect of automatic dispensing machine, you can contact us! No hotline: 139-2840-3389.