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UV single droplet dispensing valve epoxy resin dispensing va

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One-component dispensing valve refers to a single-liquid glue valve. What is single-liquid glue? There are many types of glue in the market, such as UV glue, yellow glue, black glue, red glue, epoxy resin glue and so on.
Composition of single liquid dispensing valve
One-component dispensing valves are made of aluminium alloy and stainless steel. Generally, they have a cylinder and material cylinder. The pressure is used to push and seal the glue. The control accuracy is more accurate and can meet the requirements of dispensing in the industry. In addition, one-component dispensing valves can dispensing continuously without changing dispensing accessories. This makes it possible to dispensing continuously by using one-component dispensing valves. The greatest advantage of single component dispensing valve is that IC chip is coated with black glue, and the solidification time of black glue is longer, so it can be dispensing continuously, and the glue will not solidify in pressure barrel or rubber valve, which will not affect the dispensing effect.
单组份点胶阀 Automatic visual dispensing machine and automatic dispensing machine can be used in single component dispensing valve, which proves that this dispensing valve has high performance and meets the requirements in dispensing control effect and dispensing speed, so it can be used for blackening. Generally, high viscosity glue can be produced with such dispensing valve, and a dispensing valve can meet a variety of dispensing requirements.
Single component dispensing valve parameters
Model: zz-2121 Rubber Valve Name: One-component dispensing valve
Vomiting frequency: 600 times/min repetition accuracy: +0.02%
Main Material: Aluminum Alloy Anodized Feed Pipe: M8
Intake pipe: M6 for viscosity: 1-1000 CPS
Dispensing accuracy: 0.1mm weight: 386g
Various types of single-liquid dispensing valves
This is the basic parameter of single component dispensing valve, and there are many single component dispensing valves, such as back-suction dispensing valve, precision dispensing valve, compound dispensing valve, thimble dispensing valve and so on. These are all single liquid dispensing valves. Fully automatic visual dispensing machine and automatic dispensing machine can be applied to the valves, and can also be configured according to the requirements of glue for you, for example: The compound dispensing valve can be used to coat the black glue, so the effect will be obviously improved.