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Which types of dispensing machines are suitable for 502 disp

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Both 502 glue and hot melt glue belong to special glue types. The glue dispensing machine that meets the production needs should be selected according to the glue characteristics. A special material is used for 502 glue dispensing, that is, the Teflon pipe, or the product that needs to be produced with Teflon material, in order to meet the use requirements of 502 glue dispensing, which is also one of the glue use methods.
Materials to be used in 502 glue dispensing
502胶水 The sole dispensing needs to use 502 glue dispensing, so what kind of machine can meet the needs of production? We specially produced a 502 glue dispensing machine, called peristaltic dispensing machine. It is no longer manufactured by air pressure, but driven by electric power. It can ensure that 502 glue will not stick to glue, and can still dispensing task. But with automatic dispensing machine, peristaltic dispensing machine becomes dispensing controller and 551 dispensing machine controller.
No stainless steel pressure drum for glue storage
502胶水点胶 The use of 502 glue dispensing can no longer use stainless steel pressure barrel as the way to store glue, only use the original product for dispensing, so it can still meet the requirements of glue dispensing, as long as the use of Teflon material products, will not react with 502 glue chemically, as long as you understand this, you can meet the needs of production, glue use method is the same, as long as you understand this. According to the method of glue, dispensing can be carried out, so before using any glue, if you do not know how to use glue, there will be problems with the method of glue use.
Shoe sole dispensing is based on the requirements of shoe sole dispensing 502 glue, so we also need to choose the dispensing equipment that meets the requirements. 551 dispensing machine and stainless steel pressure drum may not be suitable for the use of requirements, then replace manual dispensing method, which will not affect anything, but the production methods will be different, but the effect is the same.
Can not use stainless steel pressure barrel will not affect the speed of shoe sole dispensing, 502 glue dispensing is more exquisite, but still able to use 551 dispensing machine for production.