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Brief introduction of dispensing control mode and dispensing

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The dispensing control mode has a direct relationship with the use of machines and accessories. The automatic visual dispensing machine we use needs to use dispensing accessories for dispensing control. How to effectively control the effect of dispensing, dispensing will have a better effect, better guarantee the quality of machine products, and more in line with the needs of your manufacturers.
Accessories for dispensing control
手动点胶控制手柄 To understand the dispensing control mode, we need to know the accessories used in dispensing, such as dispensing needles, dispensing valves, pressure drums, controllers and so on. These need to know how these products are used. This is a very critical step, which will affect the production effect of using automatic visual dispensing machine, and which specifications of products are used more. In line with production, such as the size of dispensing needle, choose the size to meet the production needs, dispensing effect to meet the needs.
The influence of dispensing needle
The size of dispensing needle is one of the main factors affecting the size of dispensing needle. So how to choose the size of dispensing needle? Automatic dispensing machine is based on one third of the dispensing width, which is in line with the automatic production dispensing needle size selection method, automatic visual dispensing machine is also used in this way.
Core parameters of dispensing equipment
点胶机 The dispensing control mode has a great relationship with the visual dispensing machine system. The system belongs to the core of the automation machine, which controls the movement of all parts and components. The parameters set should be accurate so as to better control the dispensing effect. This is the core of the dispensing control mode. The core parameters must be well done, otherwise it can not meet the dispensing path you want to dispensing, which results in large dispensing. Accidents, dispensing effect can not achieve the desired results. Dispensing control operation is a very important part.
The dispensing control mode of automatic visual dispensing machine mainly lies in the control system and dispensing accessories. After understanding these, dispensing operation will be able to control dispensing to meet the requirements of the factors, and then to meet any dispensing task. The use of the machine is relatively simple, but there will be no problems that we do not understand, and after we have learned the lessons. There are two kinds of automatic visual dispenser, one is using PLC system, the other is using constant control system. The former is more difficult to use.
This is the dispensing control mode, only according to the operation manual we give, can quickly learn how to operate the visual dispensing machine dispensing task, there are various aspects of dispensing accessories selection, but also can quickly understand!