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What are the methods of using black glue? Which machine to u

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There are many ways to use glue, mainly for a single glue to take the appropriate dispensing methods, such as: the use of black glue glue which glue way, for the glue has a good help, because different properties of glue, the use of methods also need to be changed, so as to ensure the correctness of glue use.
Selecting machines according to glue characteristics
环氧胶使用 Black glue is a kind of viscous glue. It is necessary to select a single component dispensing valve and dispensing machine according to this point. However, it also needs to be combined with one point. For dispensing requirements of industry, black glue is generally dispensing in chip industry. For dispensing industries with high demand, machine selection needs to be biased towards full automatic visual dispensing machine. After that, machine type selection is completed. For dispensing valves, you are recommended to use plunger dispensing valves, which are more in line with the use of thick type of glue.
双液胶水 In addition to black glue, we often use 502 glue dispensing, but also need to use special equipment. Because 502 glue is easy to react with iron products, aluminium products and plastic products, products made of special materials are needed to meet production needs. Products made of ferrofluorocarbon materials are needed to react with 502 glue, so 502 glue does not react with 502 glue. The glue dispensing machine must use this material instead of the single component dispensing valve.
Each type of glue has different characteristics and different machines will be used.
Each kind of glue may have some special requirements, black glue and 502 glue dispensing can explain the problem, so the glue use method is based on the glue characteristics of the results, which machine is the same, automatic visual dispensing machine performance is high-end, the use of glue does not meet the needs, also prone to dispensing problems. Use the visual dispensing machine and the corresponding accessories in order to use the glue well, otherwise, it is easy to dispensing problems.
pvc胶水 The use of glue is also very simple. While purchasing glue, ask the manufacturer what special problems this glue needs to pay attention to, such as UV glue can not irradiate ultraviolet rays, 502 glue needs to use products made of Teflon material, so that our visual dispensing machine manufacturer can configure corresponding single component dispensing valves and machines according to these requirements, and the use of glue will not be questioned. This is the simplest way to use glue.