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Which equipment can be used to control the amount of silica

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Silica gel belongs to the type of glue commonly used in dispensing industry. There are several ways to coat silica gel. Manual dispensing method or automatic dispensing method can be used. The desired dispensing technology can be selected according to the requirements of dispensing. Because there are many types of dispensing methods at present, different dispensing methods can be chosen and dispensing costs will be different.
Manual dispensing method
There are many types of silica gel, such as supporting silica gel, which can be dispensed manually. It needs to use silica gel sleeve + 982 dispenser + adapter. This is the combination of manual dispensing. It can directly coat the supporting silica gel without extruding the glue into the dispensing syringe, or finish the task of coating silica gel. Another is to use bulk silica gel, and then it can be done. To meet the needs of production.
Automatic dispensing method
硅胶套筒+硅胶 Automatic dispensing method is to use 441 dispensing machine+silica gel sleeve+adapter, only need automatic loading and unloading, can directly carry out the dispensing task, can automatically control dispensing path, and can sort products, use time difference to carry out product gluing task, can achieve rapid gluing, and control glue can also achieve higher accuracy, stable glue quantity, can meet some requirements. Accuracy requirements, similar to the tracker of toy car coating, need a more stable and uniform amount of glue, the use of automatic dispensing machine, can meet its needs, 441 dispensing machine platform size is also large, can put multiple products.
This is the current several ways to coat silica gel, using 441 dispensing machine or other automatic dispensing machine, or even using manual dispensing machine can also complete dispensing tasks, mainly manufacturers can choose according to these requirements to meet the needs of equipment, but also according to the cost of automatic dispensing machine or manual dispensing machine, there are still many ways to coat silica gel, depending on which technology you choose. Surgically, we can also customize the automatic dispensing machine, similar to the toy car tracker glue!