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Screen Sealing and Dispensing Scheme for Smart Phone

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Mobile phone screen seals for dispensing requirements are relatively high, general dispensing is unable to meet the accuracy requirements of dispensing, and we produced a machine that meets the requirements of mobile phone screen seals, that is, visual dispensing machine, accurate is a large landing visual dispensing machine, with high-precision dispensing function, can quickly and evenly complete the requirements of mobile phone screen seals and dispensing.
Dispensing Technology of Ground Visual Dispensing Machine
手机屏幕点胶 The core of the ground-based visual dispensing machine is the visual positioning dispensing system, which is combined with German high-definition camera and sensor. It can equip the screen of mobile phone with dispensing position. The dispensing accuracy can be controlled at 0.01 mm, and the repetitive dispensing accuracy can reach (+2 mg), basically equal to each adhesive point. Visual dispenser also has many functions, such as automatic cleaning, automatic feeding, automatic detection of product quality, automatic stop of glue (not detected within 10 seconds), automatic glue flow speed control, etc. Ground-based visual dispenser has many functions, the effect of using mobile screen seals is controllable.
Achievable dispensing function
Visual dispensing machine can control glue flow very slowly and quickly to 800 mm/sec. This is the glue flow control ability of the ground-based visual dispensing machine, but also the use of piston dispensing syringe. Because the screen sealant of mobile phone is generally stored in piston dispensing syringe, the replacement of glue will be more frequent, but the advantages of visual dispensing machine. It is an automatic identification dispensing machine, so it does not need a second debugging machine, and can also meet the requirements of dispensing.
Which technology is good for dispensing mobile screen
The visual dispensing machine for mobile screen sealing is also a guarantee for dispensing. High-precision dispensing technology can not only accomplish dispensing task quickly, but also guarantee the quality of dispensing, and will not easily produce defective products. This can reduce the cost for manufacturers, using piston dispensing syringe, besides the glue factor, piston dispensing syringe is better controlled, while for manufacturers, it can reduce the cost of dispensing by using piston dispensing syringe. Require a small amount of glue, the use of dispensing syringe better control.
Our mid-system for mobile phone screen sealing is a scheme based on the landing visual dispensing machine, which meets the requirements of sealing in all aspects and can achieve better core dispensing technology. Therefore, the use of visual dispensing machine is able to meet the needs of mobile phone screen sealing, more able to achieve high-precision dispensing, ensure the quality of mobile phones, and make users more reassured.