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Visual automatic dispensing machine can quickly complete the

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Chest spraying can be done manually or automatically. Some products without requirements can be done manually, but some can not meet the requirements. For example, the emblem with precise patterns or large and small specifications is not as good as the machine. The advantage in sales will also be reduced. We can choose the floor-mounted double Y-axis visual dispenser for spraying. Lacquer.
Visual dispenser spraying
The import spray valve matched with the visual automatic dispensing machine can achieve a wide range of spraying effect. It can atomize the paint and then spray the paint, so that the glue can cover every position of the badge to ensure the color and visual sense of the badge. The advantage of using the visual automatic dispensing machine is speed. The production speed of the landing double Y-axis visual dispensing machine can reach 800mm/s, and the chest spray painting can be carried out. Can finish painting in one second.
Visual dispensing machine applicable industry
The floor-mounted double Y-axis visual dispensing machine and the visual dispensing system can quickly identify the dispensing position of products. This means that the use of visual automatic dispensing machine can meet the dispensing requirements of diversified products, and can replace various dispensing valves. Not only can the imported spraying Valves be used, but also can meet the requirements of mahjong spraying, car label spraying and jewelry spraying. And so on, spray glue, spray, spray water, fuel injection, etc. can be achieved, visual automatic dispensing machine can achieve a lot of functions.
Imported spray-paint valves can not only spray breast seals, but also dispense glue. Various dispensing functions are welcomed by manufacturers. The landing double Y-axis visual dispensing machine is expensive. There are many dispensing functions that can be realized. According to the core data of the visual automatic dispensing machine given by manufacturers, it can satisfy various dispensing functions. The dispensing effect is stable.