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What valve does the market demand automatic dispensing machi

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The role of automatic dispensing machine in various industrial production line is very obvious, which is mainly responsible for the packaging and dispensing docking and other aspects, some of the objects are produced using automatic dispensing machine just to process, even so automatic dispensing machine can perform high quality appearance dispensing work, automatic dispensing valve can be used very much, there are automatic dispensing spray valve, automatic dispensing machine suction valve, automatic dispensing solenoid valve.
Automatic dispensing jet valve
Automatic dispenser for dispensing injection valve is mainly responsible for the work of large area, through special processing can make the glue mist was distributed in all aspects of dispensing objects, not overflow or uneven distribution, after spraying the object docking effect is very good, and this kind of non-contact automatic dispensing can avoid scratching objects and the wire drawing process, can meet the production requirements of some large items of production line.
Back suction automatic dispensing solenoid valve
Automatic dispensing machine suction valve is mainly responsible for the processing of glue volume changes, with two air inlets can make the glue more effective flow, mainly used in some high demand quantity of cement production line, in the work of automatic dispensing process, will produce a back suction treatment dispensing residual glue, can ensure the automatic dispensing machine does not appear epoxy glue leakage and other problems, and can avoid glue drawing problems, can help users to perform high quality dispensing work.
Double liquid dispensing service valve
The solenoid valve is a commonly used automatic dispenser dispensing valve, pneumatic dispensing valve is based on the working pressure decide the effect, if the pressure is unstable supply will cause the dispensing process off phenomenon, and the electromagnetic valve is driven by the electromagnetic force, the glue more stable and uniform in the automatic dispensing process, and more practical.