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What is the function of dispensing valve in the visual autom

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Visual automatic dispensing machine has a very important position in modern dispensing work, its most notable feature is the visual positioning system, can help the majority of the industry engaged in dispensing high synchronous execution of high quality, high consistency requirements applied to the production line of the effect is very good, so the market share is high, the dispensing valve is special create custom, there is a certain difference with the work of automatic dispensing valve, it plays a very important role in the visual automatic dispensing machine.
Single liquid dispensing valve
As everyone knows the visual automatic dispensing machine is accurate positioning by using visual dispensing system, through a variety of possible problems to help the operator to observe the dispensing to the visual system, when the operator through the working parameters of visual system changes, from the visual point glue dispensing valve parameters need to be real-time modification of the signals generated by the system but, can not affect the automatic dispensing work, so the visual work dispensing valve sensitivity and responsiveness requirements are very high.
Automatic dispensing valve
This special dispensing valve also needs to deal with other dispensing valves need to deal with the problem, that is responsible for automatic dispensing glue processing and precise positioning, glue viscosity is not suitable for use, dispensing valve will shut the valve, to block this part of glue flow dispensing. The television signal transmission scanning sleep dispensing machine after the dispensing valve performs accurate contraposition dispensing work.
Automatic two component glue dispensing valve
In order to make the vision automatic glue dispensing work more stably, the best choice of stable use of electric dispensing valve long life, although the high cost structure of electric dispensing valve is complex, but can help to realize the high quality visual dispensing machine automatic dispensing, dispensing valve can make use of electric to further enhance the effect of dispensing.