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How many specifications do 304 stainless steel pressure barr

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Pressure barrel specifications are more, because in the dispensing industry, each product needs different amount of glue, so we need different specifications of pressure barrels, our manufacturer is to do pressure barrel wholesale, all types and specifications are complete, but also can make customized pressure barrel specifications.
Pressure Barrel Specification
半自动灌胶机 Pressure specifications are 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L, 40L, 50L, 60L, 80L, 100L respectively. These are standard specifications. If you need unconventional specifications, you need to customize them for three days. Because we only produce pressure barrels according to orders, so in addition to the conventional pressure barrels under 10L have inventory, other basic can be customized. Because each customer needs different specifications, such as double-liquid glue injector for battery cover coating, No. 1 manufacturer may need 5L pressure barrel, No. 2 manufacturer may need 10L pressure barrel, also not certain, the use of pressure barrel depends on the manufacturer's production needs.
Use of Pressure Barrel Skills
压力桶 Pressure barrel is also a relatively simple part of the use of skills, first of all, the pressure barrel parts are installed, and then M8 pipe inserted from the middle of the barrel to the end, to ensure that glue from the pipeline out, and secondly, connected to M6 trachea, mainly to input air pressure, so that glue from M8 pipe pressure to automatic dispensing machine, but when pouring glue, need to prevent glue bubbles, preferably not. The glue should be stirred to prevent bubbles in the glue.
Glue Coating for Battery Cover
The use of double-liquid glue-injecting machine for battery cover coating also needs to use pressure barrel. The specifications of pressure barrel need the choice of manufacturer. The use of double-liquid glue-injecting machine needs two pressure barrels. This is also one of the skills of using pressure barrel. When double-liquid glue is mixed together, solidification will occur. Two kinds of glue need to be separated and stored, so there will be no solidification. Flexible use of pressure barrel can make point. The glue effect becomes better and more convenient.
These are the specifications of pressure drums. If you need any specifications of pressure drums, please contact us. We can customize the specifications of pressure drums that you want to conform to. We can also find us to make automatic dispensing machines. We are mainly manufacturers of dispensing equipment and accessories. We have made many achievements in the application of dispensing technology. Battery caps are coated with double-liquid glue injectors, and so on. Welcome to the telephone service hotline: 13928403389.