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What kind of automatic equipment can be used to control the

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Which automatic dispensing machine is suitable for epoxy coating? Xiaobian recommends several types of automatic dispensing machines, which are suitable for epoxy glue coating equipment. Because there are many types of epoxy glue, such as double-liquid, single-liquid, thick, bubble-prone and so on, these require special types of dispensing equipment to complete the task of coating.
For example, two-liquid epoxy glue needs to be used on 441 dispenser platform with two-component dispensing valves to meet the requirements of glue coating. Two-liquid glue needs to be mixed with glue. Both components are made of two kinds of glue. Before glue coating, two kinds of glue need to be mixed together and then glued to give full play to the glue characteristics. If the mixing is not uniform, gelation will occur. Non-uniform solidification and premature mixing can easily lead to glue solidification in storage containers, resulting in the impossibility of dispensing. The use of a glue is very particular, and the sequence of errors can not occur.
The tracker of toy car also uses glue coating technology, but it uses 330 ml to support silica gel, and then collocates 441 glue dispensing machine. This is different from the ordinary glue dispensing method. It can finish the glue coating effect, not using the dispensing valve, nor needing the pressure barrel. It can directly use the silica gel sleeve to pack the glue, then connect the dispensing controller, and debug the dispensing path and aerosol of the automatic dispensing machine. Press size, can be dispensing, toy car tracker glue and epoxy glue is a different method, are using 441 dispensing machine, indicating that an automatic dispensing machine platform can meet the diverse industry dispensing and gluing requirements.
Besides, the use of single-liquid epoxy glue is often lower than that of double-liquid because single-liquid does not need to consider the mixing of glue, only need to consider the solidification time of glue and the effect of glue coating, which is more convenient and operational. Epoxy glue coating needs to be equipped with a 441 dispenser platform, dispensing valve, controller, stirring pressure bucket or ordinary stainless steel pressure bucket, 441 points. The glue dispenser is mainly selected according to the product specifications. 441 represents the product whose pad specifications are less than 400 wide and 100 high. If it is higher than or larger than other specifications, it needs to be equipped with automatic dispenser. After configuration, installation and debugging path can be used to dispense glue.
环氧胶 Epoxy glue is as simple as toy car tracker. If you don't know about it or need an automatic dispensing machine, you can contact us as long as you use the correct method. Telephone service hotline: 13928403389.