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Which spraying process of spray dispenser is more suitable f

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Which spray dispenser is better for spraying paint on hardware ornaments? Xiaobian recommends that you use time AB glue dispenser to control paint spraying. This visual dispenser's Micro-glue control technology, bar bar, can quickly and without spilling glue for coating, can better control the dispensing effect.
Reasons for selecting visual AB glue dispenser
喷射式点胶机 Why choose visual AB automatic dispensing machine is better, the main reason is the use of spray dispensing valve, which can be sprayed in a high-pressure way, because the paint fluidity is good, and spray dispensing valve is to use this feature, the use of pressure to directly spray paint to ornaments, the amount of glue is relatively small, can be just coated on ornaments, but not let the oil. Paint appears natural flow phenomenon, hardware jewelry after painting will be more smooth, will not affect the beauty of jewelry, this is the painting process.
The amount of glue that can be controlled by spray dispensing valve
Visual AB automatic dispensing machine also has micro-control technology, which can control the flow of paint. As long as spray parameters are set, how much is needed for hardware decorations to be painted. As long as this program is used later, it will not be more or less. Using computer system, visual dispensing system and self-developed control system, micro-control technology can achieve 0.01 mm. It can be imagined how high the precision can be controlled, and the spraying process of painting on hardware ornaments can fully meet the standard.
Price of spray dispensing valve
Spray dispensing valve as an import micro dispensing valve, the selling price is generally between fifty thousand and eighty thousand, the cost is very high, so the effect of controlling the amount of glue can be up to the standard. Although the paint spray valve is expensive, it is very easy to use, and it can be used in the spray dispensing machine, so that the micro control technology can be further upgraded. This is the jet dispensing machine and the spray paint dispensing valve. The effect of spraying paint. Spray painting process can be so good, completed because of the advantages of machinery and equipment, so if you want to paint hardware accessories, you can use visual AB glue automatic dispensing machine.