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What are the skills of dispensing pressure barrels worth not

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Details of dispensing pressure barrel operation techniques and what are worth noting? As one of the important parts of automatic dispensing machine, we should learn to use flexibly, which is helpful for product dispensing. Don't look down on any part. Without this part, dispensing may be impossible. Especially in the case of double-liquid injection machine, pressure bucket is more important.
Pressure Barrel Specification
Pressure barrel specifications and types are also differentiated, specifications are more, 1 to 100L specifications are available, 1 to 10 for each number of liters, 10 to rise, 10 liters for an interval, pressure barrel type is divided into carbon steel pressure barrel and stainless steel pressure barrel, the difference between the price and material, stainless steel material price is higher than carbon steel, but the service life of stainless steel is longer, according to production. Selection of alkalinity, stainless steel pressure barrel is more difficult to acidic, carbon steel is more in line with near neutral glue, can also be selected according to the cost oh, this is one of the pressure barrel use skills.
Use Skills of Three Carbon Steel Pressure Barrels
碳钢压力桶 Two barrels are needed to store glue separately in double-liquid glue injection machine when using carbon steel pressure barrel. This is also one of the skills of using pressure barrel. It can avoid the solidification problem without glue dispensing after mixing two kinds of glue. It is not conducive to the task of glue dispensing. There are many ways to use the pressure barrel. If using three carbon steel pressure barrels, it can store and clean in advance. After the battery cover is coated with glue, the glue dispensing machine can be connected immediately, and then the dispensing valve can be cleaned. This is also one of the use techniques of pressure barrel. Many large double-liquid glue dispensing machines will use this method to clean the dispensing valve.
搅拌式压力桶 Pressure barrel use skills understand, for dispensing also has a better effect, use is more convenient, storage glue volume is large, battery cover glue coating is initially using dispensing syringe, but the glue volume can not meet the requirements, and carbon steel pressure barrel storage glue volume, glue filling becomes much more convenient, but to choose a good pressure barrel specifications, calculate the battery glue demand for glue coating, of course. After that, we should know the setting time of glue and configure the specifications of pressure barrels, which is the use skills of pressure barrels.