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How to adjust the dispensing accuracy of automatic dispensin

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In which aspect should the dispensing accuracy debugging be realized? First, the handle controller, second, 3131 dispensing valves, third, automatic dispensing machine. You may not understand this. I will tell you how to debug the dispensing accuracy in detail. Please take a good look at the following contents.
喷射式点胶机 First, Handle Controller
The main function of the handle controller is to control the movement of the automatic dispensing machine. We are designing the dispensing scheme. The handle controller controls the dispensing path, the power of dispensing, the time of dispensing and so on. To set up the handle controller, the dispensing accuracy can be debugged. The main purpose is to control the dispensing accuracy of the pilot dispensing by the handle. In order to ensure that each dispensing position is accurate, the whole coating scheme is qualified.
手柄控制器 Second and 3131 dispensing valves
Automatic dispensing machine for glue coating, glue is flowing to 3131 dispensing valve, and then by 3131 dispensing valve control flow, so dispensing accuracy debugging needs to be completed in the dispensing valve, general dispensing valve will be equipped with dispensing needle, needle size, select small dispensing needle, small needle precision, according to this debugging point. Glue accuracy.
Third, automatic dispensing machine
3131点胶阀< Full automatic dispensing machine is the overall structure of the whole machine. The dispensing scheme and the dispensing accuracy debugging are its working scope. To meet the good requirements, we need to configure the corresponding automatic dispensing machine. The machine has the size. Generally, according to the product specifications, we will configure the machines that meet the requirements, such as 551 automatic dispensing machine, so as to do the coating. The glue dispensing scheme is also relatively simple. Only with the machine platform can the dispensing accuracy be debugged.
The three conditions of dispensing accuracy debugging must be achieved. If not, it will not be able to design the dispensing scheme, and will affect the dispensing production.