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Do you need maintenance for large long time operation inject

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Jet type automatic dispensing machine belongs to non-contact dispensing machine of a kind of money, through the dispensing work system to achieve high-volume automatic dispensing work, floor type structure is adopted in the design of the dispenser, its long service life can help users to quickly recover the cost, can work for a long time without affecting the performance of the equipment.
Jet type automatic dispensing machine dispensing work under a larger number of one-way work large dispensing plane so that it can allow more of some mandatory production standards are higher, such as whether the production of clean space standards, stable working voltage, dispensing supplies meets the standard of work, if you can not guarantee long-term compliance requirements, jet type automatic dispensing machine easy to affect the working life. No matter how sophisticated equipment maintenance work is very necessary, general maintenance work requires frequent execution, large investment and maintenance work will be decided from the maintenance work, because the work of jet dispensing automatic dispensing machine to perform a variety of different needs, on the larger jet dispensing work related accessories burden, so operators to long-term equipment the maintenance work to better complete dispensing work. Remember to turn off the power to stop dispensing work, use a clean cloth clean residue disposal can overflow to the dispensing machine work platform, and check the spraying machinery arm and the moving guide is running normally, remove dust can add appropriate lubricating oil.
The large maintenance work of the equipment can be carried out once a month or so, because the jet automatic dispensing machine has the function of automatic cleaning, and the low corrosive detergent can be cleaned automatically.