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What is glue? Teach you how to spray dispenser

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What is glue coating is to coat the product with glue, so that it can play the role of bonding and packaging. This is glue coating. Generally, there are two or more accessories in the product. Glue coating can play a lot of roles, such as sealing, waterproof, protection, durability and so on, which are the benefits of glue coating.
What is gluing
喷射式点胶机 What is glue coating? In fact, glue coating is to coat products according to requirements, to protect internal electronic parts from external factors. Relay glue dispensing is to fix electronic components. The mold produced by relay glue dispensing has only one plastic shell, and some electronic components need to be added to connect. Circuit, so after screwing, also need to use glue to seal, prevent aging, lead to circuit short circuit, is not conducive to life safety, what is glue, is to protect products, relay dispensing can be completed with precision dispensing machine, good glue effect.
The way of gluing
精密点胶机 What is glue coating is for product bonding, buzzer dispensing, need to rely on voice coil and sound film vibration to produce sound, no glue coating, no fixed, vibration a few times, the voice coil will fall off, no voice, buzzer did not do, glue coating is to enhance the service life of products, buzzer dispensing can use spray. Spray dispensing machine, good coating effect, uniform size of glue output, glue in every position is the same, buzzer sounds, will be particularly interesting.
三轴点胶机 What is the function of gluing and what is gluing? Now do you understand the importance of gluing? There are many glue-dispensing equipments on the market, so matching glue-dispensing equipments are needed. For example, the functions of precision dispensing machine and jet dispensing machine are different. Some dispensing equipments have high precision, some have high speed, and some have large glue-dispensing capacity, which are different. Therefore, the choice of dispensing equipment needs targeted selection.