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Is it fast to finish dispensing relay by gluing technology?

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Does relay dispensing use glue coating technology to produce faster? Coating is equal to sealing. With the development of dispensing technology more mature, dispensing machine equipment types are more and more. Which kind of dispensing equipment and technology can meet the production needs of the industry? What is the effect of relay dispensing? Let's have a look.
Understanding the role of gluing and gluing
继电器点胶 Understanding what is gluing and what is gluing function, such as: buzzer dispensing, using precision dispensing machine for dispensing, can glue two core parts together to make buzzer sound, this is gluing effect, without gluing, there is no way to achieve voice function, why some loudspeakers are expensive In addition to the high cost of using materials, the more important thing is the bonding effect, the amount of glue will affect the sound quality. The same is true for relay dispensing, which is not well coated, which can easily lead to parts falling off and lead to short circuit connection.
Benefits of relay dispensing
精密点胶机 The basic structure of the relay is manufactured by die, and then the metal sheet is installed. The glue dispensing is to fix the metal sheet twice and prevent the screw from rusting for too long. The screw of the sealed relay will not rust because it is completely sealed inside, so it will not come into contact with air. Rust, this is the gluing effect. What is glue coating you also know, and then analysis of relay dispensing using precision dispensing machine, or dispensing machine effect is better.
点胶机 Because the relay dispensing needs a lot of glue, the selection of dispensing machine needs to be biased to a large amount of glue, you can use precision dispensing machine with silica gel dispensing valve, you can use silica gel for glue filling, and the amount of glue filling is also large, in line with the requirements of relay dispensing and glue coating, glue output is controlled by needle tube, as long as a larger valve is replaced. It is also the principle why precision dispenser can dispense buzzer glue.