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How many types of dispensing equipment are there at present?

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How many types of dispensing are there at present? What effect will different equipment have on dispensing, such as: automatic dispensing machine, jet dispensing machine, dispensing machine, etc. These dispensing equipment types can achieve a variety of dispensing technology, if you want to choose a silica gel coating equipment, how should you choose it?
Type of dispensing
硅胶 It is not the first time to choose dispensing equipment according to the requirements of glue. There are many machines and equipment named after glue in automatic dispensing machine, such as silica dispensing machine, epoxy double-liquid dispensing machine, etc. These dispensing types are in line with the corresponding requirements of glue use. Selecting silica gel also requires that according to the sealing requirements of products, some products are produced. Products used in more extreme industries, such as coil dispensing, epoxy resin silica gel to have dispensing effect, ordinary silica gel bonding quality is not up to standard.
Method of Selecting Silica Gel
硅胶点胶机 There are two ways to choose silica gel. First, according to the function of silica gel, some silica gel is used for moisture-proof, some for dust-proof, some for drying, and so on. According to these types of silica gel, the silica gel suitable for production needs is selected. Second, according to the characteristics of silica gel water, some single-liquid silica gel and double-liquid silica gel are selected, and the best choice is silica gel. According to the first way of selection, this will be more in line with demand, coil dispenser coated with silica gel, is selected according to the first way.
How to Coat Silica Gel on Products
Silica gel can be coated with coil dispensing machine, which is a fully automatic dispensing machine with silica gel dispensing valve. It can be coated with high viscosity silica gel. As long as the corresponding dispensing accessories are matched, they can also meet the corresponding coating requirements. In fact, many dispensing equipments are manufactured with the structure of three-axis automatic dispensing machine, but the dispensing accessories used will be different, and different dispensing functions can be realized. Like silica gel, different materials will be matched to produce different dispensing equipments. With the same characteristics of silica gel, some silica gel waterproof, some strong sealing, some good coating effect and so on.
双液点胶机 With the development of industrial technology, dispensing technology has been continuously improved. There are more and more dispensing types, including sealing, coating, gluing, scraping and so on. There are at least dozens of dispensing types. Not a single automatic dispensing machine can be fully realized. For example, coil dispensing machine can also be divided into large fish and small fish. The type of dispensing valve is not only silica gel dispensing valve, but also silica gel dispensing valve.