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Can silica gel be sprayed to meet the coating requirements?

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Silica gel coating must be matched with the type of glue that meets the requirements of the use of silica gel, otherwise it can not meet the requirements of silica gel coating. Jet glue dispensing machine is a high-precision dispensing equipment, with silica gel coating function? In industries requiring silica gel coating, can the performance of the coating be issued? What are the advantages over the performance of general glue applicators?
Types of dispensing
涂硅胶 There are many types of dispensing, such as dispensing, coating, sealing and filling, etc. With the development of industrial technology, more and more dispensing types can be realized, and more industries can be satisfied. For example, coil dispensing machines can be applied in many industries, including the use of silica gel, yellow glue, red glue and so on. The application precision requirements of the industry are also required. Gradually improve, 1 mm to 0.01 mm, meet the accuracy, but also gradually increase. Different levels of coating equipment can realize different dispensing functions.
Viscosity of silica gel
硅胶点胶机 Coil dispensing machine belongs to common type dispensing equipment, which can be coated with silica gel dispensing valve. This silica gel dispensing valve is specially designed for silica gel dispensing. Although there are many types of silica gel, one component of silica gel has one characteristic. The concentration of glue is relatively high, and the dispensing valve with sufficient pneumatic power is needed to realize the dispensing. For silicone-coated valves, the choice of silicone gel should be based on single-component and double-component. Single-component silicone gel can not use double-component dispensing valves, and so on.
Collocation of dispensing fittings to determine accuracy
With relatively simple accessories, it is impossible to achieve high-precision silica gel coating function. Coil dispenser can only achieve large flow coating, which is directly related to the type of dispensing. The use of spray dispensing machine can achieve high-precision glue coating. Imported dispensing valve is used, spray dispensing is used, and the effect of glue control is high, so the glue coating can be achieved. The effect of each dispensing can be reflected by almost the same amount of dispensing, and the height of dispensing is fixed, and the position of dispensing is the same. Silica gel can be coated with a variety of machines and methods.
In addition to the characteristics of the glue, the selection of silica gel also needs to be based on the viscosity, which is too thick for general dispensing equipment to finish dispensing. Although the silica gel dispensing valve can be used as control accessories, it is not feasible to use it in high-precision industries. If the spraying machine is used, the use of silica gel with low viscosity is necessary. In order to achieve silica gel coating.