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How does the glue machine break the glue quickly

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Rubber breakage treatment can start from machinery and equipment, is also one of the commonly used ways, can avoid secondary operation caused by product damage, is not conducive to product production, but also time-consuming, if the rubber breakage treatment is not good, easy to cause bad products or increase costs, to solve the problem of rubber breakage, use small edition to teach you how to protect. Certificate can quickly break gum, ensure product quality and prevent wire drawing.
Method of breaking glue
精密点胶阀 Red glue dispensing machine is used in the light curtain dispensing industry. The demand for breaking glue is relatively high. Excessive glue volume can easily lead to glue overflow, which makes the light curtain glue, especially affecting the visual effect. How to deal with the breaking glue? In red glue dispensing machine programmable controller, do the early glue collection action, can close the glue in advance at the end, the needle glue just can connect to the start glue point, do not reach the end, before glue collection, so there will be glue overflow problem, this is the best way to break the glue.
Benefits of breaking glue in advance
At present, the automatic glue coating machine will use this method to break the glue. After all, it can avoid wire drawing and secondary repair. If it has already appeared, it can use alcohol to dry the glue, then adjust the time and height of glue collection, to prevent glue leakage from secondary glue production, so in order to achieve better results, it is necessary to do so, and also. Selective dispensing valves are also effective for breaking glue treatment. Single component glue can not be selected as double liquid dispensing valves. How can it not meet the production requirements, so according to glue, dispensing valves can play a breaking effect.
自动涂胶机 Sealing performance is different, breaking speed is different
Some dispensing valves have different sealability, such as precise dispensing valves, strong sealability, fast glue collecting speed, can quickly complete the breakage treatment, while general dispensing valves need air pressure to push the axis, and then carry out glue collecting, which will push glue to the front, directly to the last section of the glue more, only early glue collecting can be done. Enough to break the glue effect, in the light curtain dispensing is such a method, automatic glue dispensing machine will also be used, spray dispensing machine is not, this rubber valve is well sealed, can directly break the glue.
Red glue dispensing machine uses precise dispensing valve for light curtain dispensing, of course, more red glue use requirements, although the breakage treatment is more convenient, but the glue use requirements should be respected, such as red glue temperature, red glue point, need to be heated, so that red glue can quickly solidify, in the light curtain dispensing production speed has also been improved. On the red glue dispensing machine, we have a heating device, which can finish dispensing quickly.