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Does the spray glue machine meet the requirements of red glu

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Red glue is required, not to meet the requirements of glue coating, it is difficult to dispensing, ordinary desktop jet glue coating machine is also difficult to apply red glue requirements, let the short story say what needs attention to red glue coating, with what type of glue coating equipment to achieve the task of dispensing?
The characteristics of red glue
红胶 Understanding the characteristics of red glue, we can know what kind of dispensing valves and spraying glue machine we need.
1. Red glue will be affected by temperature. It needs to be kept at low temperature before it is used. It can be kept at low temperature for 6 months. It can only be placed for 7 days at 30 camera degrees. If it reaches a certain temperature, it can accelerate the solidification effect of red glue.
2. Before dispensing, it is necessary to preserve red gum well to prevent temperature from changing the properties of red gum and affecting the quality of red gum.
3. The solidification effect of red gel is based on the temperature. The higher the temperature, the better the solidification effect. Therefore, red gel needs to undergo high temperature superradiation, which is helpful for curing.
涂电子板 4. There is a patch of red glue in red glue. When dispensing glue on electronic board or light curtain, it needs to be heated to more than one hundred degrees to realize rapid solidification of glue. When dispensing glue in one second, it can be packed in the next second. It is fast and does not need to wait.
General dispensing machine can not meet the requirements of coating
Above is the requirement of red glue coating. It is difficult to meet the requirement of ordinary jet glue dispensing machine. Visual red glue dispensing machine can not only meet the requirement of high precision dispensing, but also meet the requirement of temperature heating of red glue patch. After the light curtain dispensing, it can be heated and one step production is in place. This is the benefit of large-scale dispensing effect.
Visual dispensing machine not only simplifies production, but also improves dispensing technology greatly. It is equipped with top equipment in the industry, such as high-definition line camera, computer terminal controller, PLC programming system and high-precision dispensing valve. Light curtain dispensing point is very small and requires high control of glue quantity. Visual red dispensing machine is used. By using image dispensing technology, the glue spots can be captured in advance, which is positioning dispensing. The moving speed of the mechanical shaft can reach 800 mm/s, and the production speed is very fast.
The general spray glue dispensing machine can not meet the requirement of red glue coating, especially for patch red glue. The red glue dispensing machine must be used in order to realize the dispensing task.