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Japanese transparent 30cc dispensing syringe

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The dispensing needle barrel is the most commonly used dispensing accessories, also belongs to the consumables in dispensing accessories. It is used in a large amount and has a certain relationship with the glue. The glue will solidify. The dispensing parts of aluminium or stainless steel products are used at a very high cost each time, which is not conducive to the production of manufacturers. The transparent 30cc dispensing needle barrel is used once. The cost is only 8 cents, which is relatively low.
Specification of Japanese dispensing syringe
There are several specifications in the dispensing syringe, 10, 30 and 55 (unit: cc), 300 and 500 (unit: cc) for large size, and pressure barrel is needed for larger size, while dispensing syringe can be divided into Japanese and American style. How can we distinguish them? Japanese bottom cone, while American oblique, Japanese is more in line with the use of flow difference glue, because Japanese also has a feature, smooth interior, conical structure, glue easy to concentrate, and many dispensing syringes, 30cc and 55CC are the most commonly used, the width is not large, only 24mm, easy to install, the effect of backdraft is also very good.
Manufacture of Japanese dispensing syringe material
点胶针筒规格 Japanese 30cc dispensing syringe is made of PP material. The piston is made of PE material. The use of this material can harden the retarding glue. The glue will not react with this material. So there is no need to worry about it. But the glue itself will solidify. This can not be changed unless it is a glue that will not solidify all the time. Use a dispensing needle. There are many advantages of cylinder, but the disadvantage is that replacing glue is more troublesome and requires more effort. It may take some time to replace glue every time.
点胶机 The materials used in Japanese dispensing needle barrels are manufactured according to the requirement of installation industry level. There is no organic silicon or chloride, which can ensure the activity of glue and the use and installation of human body. Moreover, they can be fitted with various dispensing needles, including plastic, plastic and stainless steel needle barrels, which belong to the standard accessories on the market. The color of 30cc dispensing syringe is also varied, including transparent, amber, black and green.