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How much is a jet hot melt glue beater?

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Hot melt glue beater belongs to the popular machine in the industry. How much does this typically cost? Actually, it has a direct relationship with accessories. How much is the desktop hot melt glue glue gluing machine for conventional accessories? It's about 25,000 to 30,000. The price of online jet hot melt glue beater is about 78,000. The price will change with different performance.
Why the price of hot melt glue beater is high
Why is the price of hot melt glue beater higher than the general price? In addition to the complexity of production, research and development costs, after-sales costs, spare parts costs and so on, need to be added, the sale price will be relatively high, and hot melt glue beater in high temperature role, in order to ensure personal safety and product quality, the use of accessories are the best, such as temperature heating device, temperature control. After two decimal numbers, the temperature control is accurate, and it also has the function of air pressure control. It realizes the multi-purpose function of one machine and heating hot melt glue. It also needs special dispensing valve to realize dispensing. The dispensing in the frame of tablet computer is completed by using automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine.
Prices have become transparent
热熔胶点胶机 Automatic hot melt glue machine price is relatively clear, the network age is very developed, so this price is there, because some processes are unique to us, the cost of time is too much, the cost is also consumed very much, the price of hot melt glue machine has basically been fixed, may wait for new technology. Can we have a new price cut? If you need to use the automatic hot melt glue machine, you can choose us. There are a lot of big discounts.
It is better to use dispensing accessories and machine accessories materials.
三轴热熔胶打胶机 Temperature heating device must use good materials, otherwise the abnormal temperature heating will easily cause irreversible damage to the hot melt glue heating and personal safety. The use of machinery and equipment must pay attention to safety. The use of high-quality products for safety is guaranteed, although hot melt glue beater may be for safety. Personal safety is very small, but we should also pay attention to why some manufacturers of hot melt adhesives machine price is low, in the accessories are low-cost machines, the general machine can be used for several years, and these can only be used for one and a half years, the effect is quite unsatisfactory.