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Do silver glue dispensers need to be stirred?

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Silver glue is generally used in the electronic industry. Its overall name is conductive silver glue. It has conductive effect. Whether it needs to be stirred or not depends on the type of glue. In fact, the silver glue we commonly use does not need to be stirred. This glue is very sticky. It needs a lot of effort to dispensing and equipped with appropriate dispensing equipment. Yes, silver glue stirring is only for individual types.
Silver glue dispensing details
银胶 Silver glue dispensing does not pay attention to details, it is easy to operate automatic dispensing and wire drawing problems, high glue viscosity, the use of dispensing needles and air pressure should be well controlled, not to say that the use of high viscosity glue is very simple, because high viscosity, glue internal space density will increase, resulting in a vacuum state, glue will flow naturally. It is the so-called automatic dispensing and wire drawing problem. It is necessary to configure the corresponding dispensing accessories so that silver dispensing can be carried out.
In general, jet dispensing machine is used for silver glue dispensing. Because electronic products require high dispensing accuracy, high-precision dispensing equipment can not only meet the requirements of dispensing accuracy, but also avoid the problem of automatic dispensing and wire drawing. It can also replace dispensing system to bring a dispensing characteristic effect into full play. The surface spray dispensing machine has good effect, flexible production and easy to meet the needs of production line.
Adjustment of dispensing system
Although dispensing system replacement needs professional operation, only need to adjust once, it can be used all the time, because the constant control system of spray dispensing machine collocation has many functions, can not fully play dispensing function, need to adjust the system mode to achieve, such as easy to appear automatic dispensing and wire drawing questions. The problem has been solved by adjusting the time, spare parts and air pressure. A system can be replaced, which solves the problem.
Back to the silver glue stirring problem, some electronic needs of silver glue release, there will be precipitation problems, which requires stirring, glue activity to play out, in order to be able to carry out silver glue dispensing, the effect will be directly played out.