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Why should the jet automatic dispensing machine be maintaine

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Jet type automatic dispensing machine is a non-contact dispensing equipment, which is a through the injection valve glue dispensing equipment, the injection valve after the treatment of glue to mist was evenly distributed on the surface of the object not only dispensing, viscose large area and high work efficiency, applied to some large production line work the response is good, spray type automatic dispensing machine work well cannot do without the daily maintenance work, then jet type automatic dispensing machine why do maintenance.
Automatic dispensing jet valve
The execution of maintenance work can help prolong the service life of equipment maintenance, maintenance and maintenance is divided into large small, large maintenance refers to the automatic dispensing machine cleaning once a month, a small maintenance refers to the maintenance of automatic dispensing machine normal operation, small maintenance requirements for operators is very low, as long as he wiped the dispensing process of dust and foreign matter can be, but also to ensure the normal operation of the system can perform dispensing, so in the work before commissioning test.
Injection type automatic dispensing machine
Large maintenance work cycle is long, sometimes once a month, sometimes two months, the specific time depends on the use of equipment, the user should determine the cleaning cycle according to the working status of jet automatic dispensing machine, it is best to choose low corrosive detergent.
Detergent for automatic dispensing machine
The atomization spray mouth determines the size of automatic dispensing glue, the operator can adjust the atomization spray mouth determines the usage amount, after treatment will not affect the quality and effect of the use of glue, large area coating can help consumers have more efficient automatic dispensing work, in the long-term use of atomized spray mouth may some glue adhesion in the above, if this part of glue is not easy to affect the timely processing of spray area and quality, so the automatic dispensing after the completion of the best dispose of this part of the residue.