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Why do visual automatic dispensing machines need dispensing

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Visual automatic dispensing machine is a very advanced dispensing equipment, can help consumers to perform a variety of difficult irregular dispensing work, through the visual control system to control coating objects after dispensing better uniform docking results, so most of the line will be equipped with the dispensing equipment used in glue production links, you need to apply to the visual automatic dispensing machine special dispensing valve in order to achieve a variety of dispensing work.
Visual automatic glue dispensing valve is responsible for many important dispensing work, mainly for processing and glue glue, if the glue can not meet the normal dispensing, dispensing valve shall be closed to stop the flow of glue, the visual system to detect results after processing to make the dispensing valve make the corresponding change, which requires sensitivity and the reaction ability of dispensing valve standards, so the requirements of visual automatic dispensing machine for the dispensing valve is relatively high, in addition to meet the normal work of automatic dispensing and has a very sensitive response.
Dispensing valve according to different requirements can be equipped with different functions, such as glue dispensing valve, suction dispensing valve, ceramic dispensing valve, glue dispensing valve is to help realize the vision of dispensing glue, and the glue coating not only wide area stability, in the dispensing work applications more widely, and the suction dispensing valve mainly responsible for some bad dispensing glue suction treatment, to avoid common problems such as drawing and dispensing dispensing drip, and the ceramic valve is mainly responsible for some of the low viscosity glue dispensing, dispensing glue and can guarantee at any temperature affected, belongs to a stable automatic dispensing accessories. 龙门视觉www.668866.com