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What is the main reason for the high price of domestic jet d

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The price of spray dispenser has always been the concern of purchasers and manufacturers, because it is directly related to the cost and expenditure plan of enterprises. It is normal to compare the prices given by manufacturers every day and purchase equipment again. With the development of glue-filling technology, the position of this technology in the product industry is becoming increasingly prominent, and the price of dispenser is also increasing. It has attracted much attention.
Dispensing Characteristics of Jet Dispensing Machine
The medium-sized automatic glue filling machine is based on the principle of pneumatic operation. The high-precision jet valve is used for spraying non-contact glue. The glue sprays quickly and steadily from the nozzle to the product. The working frequency can reach 280 hz. It is suitable for viscosity, ranging from 0.5 to 200,000 mpas, and the dispensing accuracy is more than 0.01 mm. From the point of view of glue technology, the glue sprayer Compared with the traditional rubber machine, it is more intelligent and has high practical value in the spray industry.
Non-contact Injection Valve of Injection Molding Machine
桌面式喷射式点胶机 Therefore, from the working principle and execution efficiency of the spray dispenser, it is easy to see that this kind of intelligent dispenser distribution efficiency is incomparable with the ordinary dispenser, so it is gradually replaced by the spray dispenser, and the spray dispenser sprays in the production. Higher prices are also normal.
Next, let's understand the factors that affect the price difference of spray dispensing machine. The effect of spraying control liquid is better. It sprays glue onto the surface or internal products of components through precise control of glue. The spraying equipment belongs to high-tech automatic dispensing equipment. It uses high-tech control glue valve. Compared with traditional dispensing equipment, it has the advantages of high-tech control glue valve. Higher dispensing accuracy, strength and characteristics. The configuration used is also a high-precision component, so the price of spray dispensing machine is high, which is also affected by the market demand.