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Attention should be paid to dispensing automatic visual disp

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In the development of China's electronics industry ushered in a spring breeze, the increase of market demand and the development of advanced technology, the electronic industry demand is rising, the visual automatic dispensing machine is mainly responsible for the production line packaging adhesive protection work, so its working status is very high, consumers in the dispensing process should pay attention to some problems in order to better dispensing
Visual automatic glue dispensing valve is specially selected, mainly responsible for the processing of the glue dispensing work in the implementation, will automatically block the glue dispensing valve continues to flow when the viscosity of the glue is not suitable for dispensing work, the normal work of the visual nature of the system will automatically detect the glue dispensing valve, if there is a problem need to can react immediately and modify the execution of the process, long-term work is easy to make the dispensing valve response sensitivity decreased, so consumers should pay attention to stop dispensing the normal working condition adjustment and maintenance of dispensing valve.
To maintain the stability of the dispensing work environment is an important factor to improve the quality of dispensing, visual automatic dispensing machine of the electronic product dispensing can not let external factors affect the dispensing quality if the working conditions, there is too much dust and foreign matter easily affect the dispensing object surface cleanliness, resulting in poor product docking effect, bad product is produced. So in the dispensing prior to ensure the environment clean and tidy.
The working voltage is also an important factor affecting automatic dispensing work, especially the work of small electronic products dispensing, dispensing machine working voltage instability will cause dispensing alignment, it may be due to excessive scraping to finished dispensing objects, causing the appearance of waste, so the operation staff in the use of floor type visual automatic dispensing machine should pay attention to these.