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Three Effective Ways to Improve the Dispensing Accuracy of A

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Improving the dispensing accuracy of automatic dispensing machine largely determines the dispensing and quality effect of products. Some precision parts and handicraft products also need high-precision dispensing technology. However, the dispensing accuracy of dispensing machine equipment is affected by many factors. Dongguan dispensing machine equipment manufacturer teaches you how to improve the dispensing accuracy.
1. Choosing the right glue-dispensing needle can improve the dispensing accuracy.
According to the manufacturer, the selection of dispensing needle for dispensing machine equipment can be based on product size and the diameter of distribution point. Generally speaking, the diameter of the needle is half the size of the adhesive point. If the dispensing needle is too large, the glue will easily overflow, which will affect the dispensing accuracy of the product.
2. Appropriate spacing between needle and product contact surface
Setting proper distance between needle of dispensing machine and product interface will also affect dispensing accuracy. The dispensing accuracy can be improved by adjusting the distance between the needle and the gluing interface.
Different dispensing equipment and dispensing technology are different, and the diameter of dispensing needle is also different. The diameter of some needles will directly affect the effect of glue coating. It is very important to master the dispensing interval between needles and product contact surface, which will directly affect the glue quantity more than less.
Non-contact jet valve
The dispensing accuracy of dispensing machine equipment can also be improved by spray dispensing valve. The injection valve replaces the dispensing valve (without needle) and is equipped with the dispensing machine equipment of visual system. The non-contact dispensing accuracy of spray dispensing valve can reach 98%, the minimum dispensing quantity can reach 2nL, and the highest dispensing frequency can reach 280 Hz. The way of dispensing accessories can improve dispensing accuracy.