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What are the factors affecting the selection of glue-coated

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As the name implies, the type of glue used by the silica gel coating machine is affirmative silica gel, which is also closely related to the selection of the coating accessories. First, the equipment developed on the basis of the structure of the three-axis glue coating machine has the most basic three-axis linkage motion function and the function of using silica gel. It is easy to complete the three-dimensional control and dispensing requirements as long as it is well. It is very convenient to use silica gel coating machine to coat, and the amount of gel is even when dispensing. It is obtained from the three-axis mechanical mobile platform and dispensing control system. The precision of gel coating is high and easy to control, especially in line with the current production mode of products.
涂胶机 Selection of Glue-coated Parts
In fact, the quality of glue determines the choice of accessories for glue coating equipment. The glue viscosity is high or low. It is impossible for glue valves and needles to meet all glue and dispensing requirements, such as hot melt glue. The glue must be stored by hot melt glue dispensing valves and high temperature resistant syringes made of special materials, and the solid glue can be heated to allow its appliances. It is necessary to prepare fluidity for dispensing. Although silica gel is a common type of glue, its viscosity is high and its fluidity is poor. These factors all affect the selection of accessories for automatic glue coating machine.
The application industry of fully automatic silica gel coating machine includes electronics industry and lighting industry. Most industries have a great deal to do with our life, such as the electromagnetic oven used by silica gel coating machine, the refrigerator industry used by hot melt gel dispensing machine. Because of the wide use of silica gel, many articles in our life can be bonded by silica gel. Plus, now the silica gel coating equipment is very mature. If you want to know more about the silica gel coating machine, you can visit the medium-sized automation equipment company.