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After reading the price of the glue machine, do you feel hea

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Desktop glue coating machine is often used in assembly line processing. Speaking of desktop gluing machine, you will think of the traditional three-axis gluing machine, four-axis gluing machine and so on. In fact, the standard two-station desktop gluing machine is more popular in price. In most cases, we still rely on the technology of automatic gluing, which is very helpful for our own production. If we choose the suitable one, it will be realized. The glue coating machine used in production is one of the most important things. It can be based on the strength of the manufacturer and the price of the product.
Price of desktop coater
The types and parameters of glue coating machine can also be determined according to the properties of glue used, glue location, type of requirements, glue accuracy and application. According to the liquidity of glue, one component and two components, glue quantity and process requirements, the price of desktop glue coating machine varies greatly, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands, and the price of standard desktop glue coating machine varies greatly. It is more than 10,000 yuan, and its service life is four to five years (excluding consumables).
There are not many types of desktop gluing machine. Most of the equipment that can be placed on the desk for gluing are called Desktop gluing machine, such as inner circumference gluing machine, boundary circumference gluing machine and double platform gluing machine. In fact, these three types already include the characteristics of all desktop gluing machines; the inner circumferential gluing machine is used to glue the inner side of the product, such as: four sides of the mobile phone rotate to glue; the two-platform gluing machine can operate on two platforms, one can glue, the other can wait in advance. Glue coating, thereby improving the speed of glue coating.