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Importance of regular cleaning and maintenance of injection

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Like other automatic dispensing equipment, injection valves need routine maintenance to ensure the accuracy of injection, and the service life of injection valves will not be shortened. In fact, no matter how high-quality injection valves are used, they also need routine maintenance and cleaning. Generally speaking, the maintenance interval of high-speed injection valves depends on the dosage material of injection and the gelling period. Frequency between.
1. On the premise that the injection valve needs to be maintained and cleaned every week, medium and high viscosity glue, such as oil and paste, should be used.
精密点胶阀 2. Prerequisites for starting cleaning after injection valve or suspension: harmful substances, epoxy substances, adhesives, paints and other fluids
3. If the use frequency of injection valve is relatively high, the maintenance interval can be appropriately reduced.
注射阀 In order to be safer, more convenient and more effective in the maintenance and cleaning of injection valves, operators need to possess the following items:
Protective clothing and gloves, wrench handle S11, tweezers, toothpicks, cleaning fluid, flannel-free cloth, compressed air and other tools, make the injection valve maintenance relatively clean and avoid pollution or improper operation of the overall impact on the valve body.