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What are the advantages of non-contact dispensing over tradi

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1. The automatic spray dispensing machine adopts imported injection dispensing valve, which has the characteristics of high quality and high precision. The spray valve integrates many advantages of non-contact dispensing. Based on the principle of electropneumatic operation, the spray distribution valve is sprayed with non-contact glue.
It can automatically calibrate the distribution of low and medium viscous fluids and slurries.
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The injection dispensing valve adopts modular design. Actuators of various specifications, fluid standard chambers and nozzles can be replaced according to the dispensing requirements. Intelligent control function establishes the integrity of the advantages of non-contact dispensing.
Secondly, the automatic spray dispensing machine cooperates with the charge coupled device vision system to dispensing. The dispensing machine with vision system and the spray valve with high configuration are the excellent configuration of the charge coupled device vision dispensing.
CCD visual dispensing function is suitable for high precision spraying dispensing technology
CCD visual dispensing machine has high precision injection configuration and automatic positioning function of CCD visual system. It can dispense and spray paint with high precision and speed, and finish fine dispensing work more smoothly. It is suitable for 3C digital dispensing, electronic component dispensing, high precision product dispensing, handicraft dispensing, automobile product dispensing, etc. They are all manifestations of the advantages of non-contact dispensing.