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What are the advantages of automatic dispensing machine and

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Some people say that after the popularity of automatic dispensing machines, those dispensing workers lost their jobs. Isn't this a rush to work with glue dispensers? Indeed, the advantage of automatic dispensing machine is not comparable to manual dispensing machine. In the environment of rapid development of science and technology, intelligent and automated production is an inevitable situation, and also an inevitable market competition process. Promoting automated production and resolving labour force are actually the opposite. At present, automatic dispensing machine has a wide range of applications in various industries, mainly highlighting the advantages of automatic dispensing machine, which really affects the employment of many labor force. But we don't think it's necessary to worry too much about household appliances manufacturing.
全自动R轴涂胶机 Automation and labour are not necessarily in complete contradiction. In the past, when there was no car, would the appearance of the car make the groom unemployed? The reason is the same. With the continuous improvement of automation equipment and technology, in the future enterprise production, the labor force can only be liberated from the heavy work to a more relaxed, comfortable and better working environment, so the advantage of automatic dispensing machine is becoming more and more important. At present, automatic dispensing machine is only one kind of automatic dispensing equipment. In fact, there are many kinds of automatic dispensing equipment. It is impossible to apply one kind of equipment to all industries because of the different production and process in different industries. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with human resources in order to achieve the best results in the use process. This is also an important direction that dispenser manufacturers are trying to change!
自动点胶设备 According to relevant statistics, if a worker earns 3,000 yuan a month and buys an automatic dispensing machine with a price of less than 100,000 yuan, it will be equivalent to the labor cost of 3-5 people in less than a year. If a household appliances company buys a small dispensing machine to improve its technology, the cost will be lower, which is very attractive to the enterprise. In addition, employees can not work continuously for a long time, and the machine can, which is the advantage of automatic dispensing machine. When enterprises find that the use of automatic dispensing machine can greatly save production costs, they will not hesitate to choose automatic dispensing machine. What we need to do is to popularize more intelligent dispensing equipment and contribute to more production and manufacturing.