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Details of application knowledge of automatic thread gluing

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Automated gluing equipment is widely used in hardware industry and automobile industry. Its gluing effect and efficiency have been unanimously recognized. This screw gluing machine is specially used to control the application of gluing reinforcement for screw and other threaded products.
What are the application characteristics of glue coating machine?
自动化涂胶机 Thread gluing machine is easy to adjust the starting position of gluing, the position of top and bottom, front and back, left and right and the angle of glue head can be adjusted; thread trajectory can be adjusted according to production needs, the gluing is uniform and stable, and the quantitative accuracy is high, using high-quality accessories as the composition configuration, to ensure that the gluing equipment has a long service life, stable performance and excellent performance, and the equipment completes the screw. The automatic gluing links such as threaded screw are easy to operate, easy to use and easy to replace.
Thread glue can be used with sealant screw glue, or can be used to lubricate the joints of hardware fittings through printing ink and other liquids.
Automatic thread gluing equipment can effectively improve production efficiency and gluing accuracy, reduce errors and defective products.
Thread gluing machine can replace manual gluing, achieve the characteristics of cost saving and convenient management for automated production.
This thread gluing machine can be used in hardware fittings, pneumatic joints, bolts, bolts, studs, screws, nuts, wood screws, washers and other links to apply gluing for bonding products in various industries with high thread path accuracy and compatibility with various fluids.