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What equipment has good effect in dispensing irregular paths

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 Many products will be coated with glue to achieve sealing and insulation effect. However, due to the irregular shape of various products, dispensing and coating paths are different. In the past, sealing rings were manually coated, but now no longer use manual glue, but choose automatic dispensing equipment to seal and glue products. At present, it is irregular. Then the requirement of route dispensing begins to increase.
 Generally speaking, the automatic dispensing machine used for sealant coating is mainly three-axis dispensing machine. There are many types of automatic dispensing equipment. Why do product seals prefer to use three-axis dispensing machine to coat?
 1. Tri-axis dispensing machine is the basic model of automatic dispensing machine. The process of sealing and gluing is usually not too complicated. It can also be used for dispensing with irregular shape paths. Round dispensing technology, irregular path dispensing and arc dispensing can be realized through three-axis linkage.
 2. There are many reasons for choosing three-axis dispensing machine to coat sealant. It can be used to dispense and control various kinds of glue, such as epoxy resin glue, ab glue, dry glue, sealant and other liquid glue. Some dispensing users also call it sealant dispensing machine and sealing equipment.
 3. In automatic dispensing machine, the choice of three-axis dispensing machine for sealant coating is close to the need of dispensing in irregular path. The key is to choose the appropriate type of automatic dispensing machine. It can strengthen a simple process of sealing and adhesive packaging for users without causing waste of cost.